Upholstery Cleaning
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Upholstery Cleaning

We specialize in upholstery cleaning services and can deal with any furniture type. We clean sofas, chairs, curtains, drapery, and anything upholstered by using high-end technology. We use the latest upholstery cleaning methods and determine which one to perform depending on your upholstery’s fabric type.

Hot water extraction is the most effective sofa cleaning method. The service starts with the application of special detergents, which are specialized for the removal of common upholstery stains, such as coffee, greasy food, wine, ink, crayon, etc.

Once the stains are pretreated, your upholstery cleaning technician will inject hot water into the sofa’s fibers, which completely removes the accumulated grime and dust.

For leather and delicate fabrics, we recommend dry upholstery cleaning. Anyway, if your sofa is made from synthetic fibers, then we can perform hot water extraction cleaning.

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The chemicals and materials used in the carpet cleaning machine will not damage your furniture.

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