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Tile & Grout Cleaning
There are many reasons why internal and external floors can become dirty and difficult to clean with a mop and bucket. Heavy footfall in areas like the kitchen, and hallway, and outdoor spaces that endure weather and pollution in addition to heavy footfall, can become dirty very quickly.

Grout lines in particular tend to become dirty and discolored because they are the lowest point, which is where the dirt settles. Even smooth ceramic tiles tend to discolor over time.

Our specialist truck mounted equipment enables us to deep clean and extract all of the dirty water straight out of the house. This means we don’t leave any mess and the floors are dry upon completion of the work.

With the technology of our cleaning machine, your tiles & grout will be back to their normal look and feel

We will not leave any mess behind. Our professional staff will do a final walk-through with you for final approval

The chemicals and materials used will not damage your floors